Beyond the Ice Palace

Beyond the Ice Palace and to the north, legend tells of a mystical land where strange creatures dwell.

This is a land of fantasy and magic, of goblins and dragons, of good and evil.

Recently there have been great upsets in the balance of good and evil in these lands.

The forces of evil have been burning down the forests and destroying the homes and lives of the simple woodcutters.

One night a meeting was held between the ancient and wise spirits of the woods.

A decision was made to appoint a single person to be responsible for returning this balance to the land once again by banishing the evil back from whence it came.

They blessed a sacred arrow with the powers of the woods which would summon a spirit in times of need, and shot it into the air.

Whoever found the arrow would find themselves in an adventure of fantastic importance…

Beyond the Ice Palace is an arcade adventure game released by Elite Systems in 1988 for several home computer systems. Read more about it on Wikipedia.